Adopting a homeless pet is one of the greatest things one could ever do.  Thank you very much for showing interest in opening up your home and heart.  That being said, adopting should not be taken lightly.  That is why we ask all of our potentials adopters to fill out an application to be considered.  Our fosters are treated as one of our own while they are in our care. We want to ensure our adopters as well as our loving animals are matched appropriately.  We consider a number of criteria when making our decision. We look forward to finding you your next best friend and once again we thank you for your dedication to re-homing our friends in need. The breed that is listed in their bio is our best guess based on appearance and personality. Unfortunately, we may not always be right. If you want to be 100% sure we recommend having a DNA test done upon adoption.

Steps to adoption:

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. If the application is approved, then we conduct a home visit.
  3. The next step is the meet and greet. This is an opportunity for you and your pets to meet, we hope, your new best friend.
  4. If all parties agree then the adoption fee (listed in the pet’s bio) will be collected and the contract signed.
  5. Start the 7-day trial period. The trial period is offered with all adoptions. It allows both the family and the dog to get to know each other under no obligation. If the trial does not work out, we will arrange to take possession of the dog and give you a full refund of the adoption fee. We do ask for a minimum commitment of 48 hours to allow the dog to adjust to their new environment. Some dogs have had little interaction with humans so they need time to adjust to their new home. Obviously a bite incident will be handled differently and no minimum commitment is expected.

What does the adoption fee cover?

  1. Spay/Neuter
  2. All necessary shots to include: Distemper, parvo, rabies, and bordetella.
  3. Heartworm test, preventative (while being fostered), and treatment if necessary.
  4. Flea and tick treatment and preventative.
  5. Microchip.

Available for Adoption

Adoption Application

If all the steps are complete and you are approved for adoption, you will be asked to fill out an adoption contract. You can find the form at the link given below. Last, if you have any input on what we can do better please let us know.

Adoption Contract