Where it all began…

Sheila was called “unadoptable”. After a few bad experiences with a few people she was believed to be too aggressive. It was a simple fix though. Sheila did not like her tail being touched. By avoiding this, Sheila proved to be the perfect dog. She came to a shelter in Papillion, NE at less than a year old. At approximately 7 years old, one guy had hope that she could be adopted and that he would be the one to adopt her. He convinced the owner of the shelter to adopt Sheila after returning from an overseas tour. About a year before returning, the girl he had hoped to be with ended up convincing the shelter owner to let her adopt Sheila until he returned from overseas. So after living in a kennel for 9 years, in 2009 Sheila finally had a home. In 2010, they all moved to the DFW area. In 2011, she saw the two that pulled for her the most get married.

Sheila saw a lot while living in her new home. 3 dogs, one who she had to see pass away. 3 cats, and countless foster dogs. She did great with all of them. In 2013, she was there to welcome a baby girl. Again, she did excellent in being a big sis. She was able to travel through various states and see new faces and places.

Sadly, in 2015 Sheila had to be put to rest (2 days past her little sis’s 2nd birthday). Out of 15 years, she had a loving home for 6 of them. SHARe was started to find homes so that no animal will have to spend the majority of their life in a shelter environment.

We love you Sheila, this one is for you!